Give Your Eyes a ‘Lift’

June 13, 2013

Our bodies change as we age, we have looser skin, we see more wrinkles, we aren’t as nimble, our eyesight isn’t as strong…the list goes on. The problems we see on the outside are sometimes the most troubling to us as we may still feel young on the inside.

Blepharatosis, or eyelid drooping, is a common occurrence for many men and women alike.  Their peers often ask them if they are tired, mad, or sad because of the sagging upper eyelids even though they get great sleep and are a happy person! For these patients, upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) provides them with a more youthful appearance.

Many patients who undergo upper eyelid surgery whether or not for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, elect to have their lower eyelids improved as well to give them a younger, refreshed looks. During a lower eyelid surgery the plastic surgeon removes the fatty tissue and excess skin of the lower eyelid reducing the appearance of under eye bags, which often lend to a tired appearance.

Always consult a board-certified plastic surgeon when considering a plastic surgery procedure, like eyelid surgery, to best protect your safety and comfort. You can check the board certification status of your doctor by going to the American Society of Plastic Surgery’s website. Also ask to see before and after photos of your plastic surgeon’s work.