Eye Creams That Really Work

August 6, 2012

Do you have under eye puffiness or dark circles under your eyes but aren’t ready or don’t need plastic surgery? There are many eye creams available for the under eye area, but they are not all equal. Omni Cosmetic carries medical grade skin care products that can only be purchased at a physician’s office, including two powerful eye creams.

SkinMedica manufacturers a line of products that contain TNS, or tissue nutrient solution, that is a combination of naturally occurring growth factors, potent anti-oxidants, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. Ness Plastic Surgery’s medical spa carries two eye creams from SkinMedica that contain TNS.

TNS Illuminating Eye Cream is a lightweight eye cream that reduces the appearance or fine lines and dark circles. This eye cream is most appropriate for younger skin or those that have oily skin. It is lightweight enough to wear daily under makeup without problems with smearing mascara or eyeliner.

TNS Eye Repair is a more luxurious eye treatment, more suited for normal to dry skin and aging skin for mature men and women. TNS Eye Repair helps to increase firmness and resiliency of the skin. This eye cream contains TNS growth hormones and anti-oxidants.

Both eye creams are wonderful! Some will choose a combination of the lightweight TNS Illuminating Eye Cream for daytime and the TNS Eye Repair for nighttime use. As always, to help protect that delicate skin near the eyes, wear sunblock and the upper cheeks leading up as close as possible to the eye area, wear UVA/UVB dark sunglasses. To minimize the action that exasperates wrinkles, avoid squinting in sunlight or wearing improper eyeglasses. Remember, just a few units of Botox wrinkle treatment to the crow’s feet will also help significantly with fine lines and wrinkles.