Adding Growth Factors to your Skin Regimen

November 16, 2012

Growth factors, like TNS used in many SkinMedica products, promote healthy skin tissue repair. Growth factors also encourage formation of new collagen elastin for firmer, tighter skin. Along with using a chemical and physical sunblock daily, growth factors are your skin’s new best friend.

The benefits of growth factors are numerous. They key to getting the best result lies in application as well as consistency. If you want the effects of improved smoothness, reduction of fine lines, getting an even skin-tone and enhancing the elasticity of the skin, it is important to routinely apply growth factors.

Our medical spa carries the SkinMedica line of growth factors, labeled as TNS in both the TNS Recovery Complex and the Essential Serum, which also contains antioxidants and peptides along with growth factors. Not only does TNS have all the benefits of correcting some skin issues, it may also halt and reverse dryness, coarse wrinkling and discoloration caused by sun damage.

Growth factors are just the beginning to beautiful skin. Daily cleansing, sunscreen and periodic chemical peels will help you give your skin its best condition.