Vitamins for your skin – Vita Boost Facial

April 22, 2014

Spring is finally here, but your skin is cloudy and lifeless from the long, grey and dreary winter. Put life – and spring – back into your skin! It’s time to give your face the extra brilliance it needs with a Vita Boost antioxidant-rich facial. This is a 3-step treatment that will put an energetic radiance back into your skin, now offered at Omni Cosmetic medical spa.  This special facial indulgence includes:

Enzyme Mask: A prep to help promote the exfoliating process

Lactic Acid Mask:  A light and gentle chemical mask that smooths and softens your skin

Retinol and Vitamin C: Retinol is an antioxidant that promotes collagen production, faster cell turnover and triggers the reversal of photo aging.  Think of Vitamin C as antioxidant on hyper-drive!  This component helps soothe aging inflammation, increases the effectiveness of sun protection, and stimulates collagen production.  This is a powerful brightening agent that restores the spring time radiance to your skin

What you can expect for downtime after this peel: Mild to moderate sloughing may occur 2 to 5 days after the treatment. If you’re seeing dull, uneven tones and textures in the mirror and your skin is showing the reflections of this long and dreary winter, this is the treatment for you.

Spring into spring and restore brilliance and freshness to your complexion.