Does anyone get facials anymore?

October 30, 2014

In the age of lasers and everything high tech in the beauty world why would anyone do an old fashioned facial? What are the benefits of lying under steam and getting a massage except for the relaxation? In France, monthly facials are still a regular part of life. So what do French women know that we don’t?

Steam and massage are just a lot of fluff, right?

Not true, circulation decreases with age leading to dull skin that doesn’t bounce back the way it used to. Facial massage and steam increase blood flow to the upper layers of the skin. When the blood flow increases it brings oxygen and vital nutrients to the top layers keeping it healthy and strong. Think of it as a protein shake for your skin.

The result of facials isn’t permanent so why bother?

The outer layer of skin, called the stratum corneum, renews itself every 20-28 days but slows down by 30-50% from our 30’s into our 80’s. The result? Damaged cells that are unable to repair themselves causing lines, wrinkles, acne and pigmentation issues. By forcing cell turnover and we are replacing aged, oxidized and hyperpigmented skin with new healthy cells that will replicate themselves giving you a fresh youthful glow.

I use prescription creams, so facials are a waste of time.

As we age the epidermis naturally thins, exfoliating should always be done in the right amount to achieve firm full skin. As much as we all love a good peel, over peeling or using Retin-A in high doses can harm your skin long term by thinning the epidermis making it frail and unable to repair itself. By getting regular facials we are able to exfoliate the skin in the right amounts offsetting epidermal thinning and thickening the dermis giving you full plump skin.

I can’t afford facials. Regular skincare treatments are too expensive.

Minnesotans don’t always like the idea of spending money on themselves, we feel guilty. Often, if we look into where our money is going, we can find ways to do affordable skincare treatments on a regular basis. Is coffee at home instead of Caribou worth being able to afford safe non-toxic skincare? Is skipping on that extra expensive Coach clutch worth having beautiful skin to last you through the decades? How about eating out less?

Maybe what French women know that we don’t is that taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury, but an essential and they are worth the investment. Take time to spoil your skin, and yourself, by scheduling an appointment with an esthetician at SkinFitNessMD Medical Spa in Wayzata, MN today!

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