Why Plastic Surgery?

June 9, 2011

Yesterday, two different people asked me, “What is the benefit of plastic surgery?”  Maybe, the question really was – what do people get out of it?  Or why would you elect to experience pain to change a physical attribute?  I would have to say, in a word, confidence.  Most of our patients deal with some aspect of their physical appearance that they have wanted to change — often for a long time.   Some things are easier to camouflage than others – but most of these concerns do not get better with more time.  Some people have often endured teasing about an abnormal feature – so the decision is often quite personal and even emotional.

I continue to be impressed by the improvement in self-confidence that a lot of patients express after surgery.  They look different for sure – but they also present themselves differently – with more confidence.  Why plastic surgery?  One answer is often just that – improved self-confidence.