Your first visit to a Plastic Surgery clinic

November 7, 2011

A first visit to a plastic surgeon’s clinic for a cosmetic procedure can elicit a variety of emotional responses.  For patients seeking facial consults, there is often a feeling of “I know I shouldn’t be so vain, but this has been bothering me for so long.” When patients are looking for surgical procedures that require undressing, it can be uncomfortable for that reason alone. In both cases, the desire for self-improvement helps overcome these worrisome feelings.

A desirable first impression to experience when you arrive at the office is one that makes you feel welcome.  Some clinic days can be very busy, but you should never be rushed through your visit.  After the plastic surgeon has discussed your goals, there should be time for all of your questions to be answered.  If you are interested in breast augmentation, an opportunity for sizing should be made available that day. It is ideal to have the plastic surgeon or plastic surgery clinic nurse with you to help guide you in your choice of breast implant size. In some cases, a before photo will be taken.

You should then have someone meet with you about the surgery fees, cosmetic surgery financing available, and potential dates for scheduling the procedure. In essence, you should leave the plastic surgery clinic feeling as if you have enough information to make a decision about proceeding with a cosmetic surgery procedure with confidence.

It is always important to remember that the goal is improvement; perfection does not exist. We all have asymmetries in our face and body and that’s what makes us unique.  Working toward self-improvement, whether it is intellectual, emotional or physical is important for everyone. Acknowledging that you need help along the way is a good thing.

We are here to help you ‘improve you’! You can learn more about Omni Cosmetic, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Ness, our before and after photo gallery and the plastic surgery options we offer in our Plymouth and St. Cloud, Minnesota offices online.