Moob Jobs (AKA: Male Breast, Man Boobs)

March 8, 2013

Updated: 9/3/2020

Somewhat surprisingly, the fastest growing segment of our plastic surgery population is men. However, even with that growth they represent only 15% of the total. The highest percentages of plastic surgery patients in America remain women. Women have been the real pioneers in surgical procedures to increase, reduce or reshape breasts and body areas, as well as changing the aesthetics of the face, eyes or nose. The desire to improve on the outside is something that is increasingly being shared amongst the male population. It’s as if men are saying, “Well, what about me?” It is increasingly common in our practice for the female to undergo surgery and then for her male partner to return to ask for help with his goals.

Men Are Increasingly Getting Moob Jobs

Perhaps one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures that men desire to improve confidence is a male breast reduction for a condition known in plastic surgical Latin as gynecomastia or affectionately referred to as man boobs or ‘moobs.’ Every man has a pair of breasts, but when the breast tissue enlarges or there is an increase in excess fatty tissue of the chest men can develop moobs. For many men moobs can affect their self-confidence along with their clothing choices. Men with enlarged breasts may choose loose fitting shirts or prefer layering clothing to disguise the chest area.  Even women’s shape-wear manufacturer Spanx has developed a line for men with T-shirts to flatten male breasts. Going to a swimming pool or the beach can be an embarrassing nightmare that often keeps men wearing a shirt in and out of the water.

What Exactly is Done During a Moob Job Procedure?

A gynecomastia reduction or ‘moob job’ is a procedure that removes excess fat and breast tissue from a man’s breast and sometimes includes skin excision to lift and remove excess skin for a man who has undergone weight loss leaving him with loose skin. The traditional method of fat removal of the male chest is with liposuction. The procedure typically takes less than two hours under a general anesthetic and the patient can resume more strenuous exercise within 2-3 weeks following surgery. Many times men undergoing a breast reduction will elect to have liposuction of the abdomen at the same time to give their entire upper body a more defined and masculine shape.

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