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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Minneapolis & Saint Paul Minnesota

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Breast Lift & Breast Plastic Surgery

Have the body you imagine and be your most beautiful, confident self. Omni Cosmetic surgeons are experts in breast plastic surgery procedures that add or restore fullness and lift. We support mothers who are ready to get back what they had before pregnancy, as well as women who are pursuing their aesthetic ideal. Minneapolis and Saint Paul-area patients spend extensive time consulting with their doctor about the results they want and the options that are available, which include augmentation, lift, and reduction procedures.


Body Contouring & Body Plastic Surgery

Reshape your features for a slim and attractive body contour. Our doctors perform plastic surgery to revise excess skin and strengthen underlying muscles, creating a more aesthetic appearance. Our body contouring procedures include tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) to tighten the midsection following significant weight loss or pregnancy. Signs of surgery are well hidden beneath clothing. Patients may also benefit from upper arm lift, lower body lift, general body contouring, and liposuction to address unwanted areas of fat.


Facelift & Facial Plastic Surgery

Through facial plastic surgery, Omni Cosmetic doctors can give patients a younger appearance as well as subtle and appealing refinement in their facial features. Our facelift procedure follows a high SMAS approach that emphasizes a smooth and youthful aesthetic — never drawn or overly tightened. We aim to restore Minneapolis and Saint Paul-area patients to the way they looked ten years before. Procedures such as rhinoplasty, brow lift, and eyelid surgery can also address the specific areas that patients want to revise.


Gender Confirmation Plastic Surgery

Our cosmetic and plastic surgeons help patients change their appearance and presentation to align with their gender identity, whether they are focused on masculinization or feminization. Our approaches to gender confirmation plastic surgery include BioTE® hormone replacement therapy, voice feminization surgery, body contouring, breast augmentation, and facial feminization. Omni Cosmetic provides a supportive environment and a private, professional medical setting for you to receive care. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan suited to your goals and collaborate with you at every step in the process.

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About Omni Cosmetic

Look and feel incredible. Omni Cosmetic helps women and men in Minnesota achieve the natural, attractive appearance they want through exceptional quality of care. With extensive knowledge and personal attention, our team offers Minneapolis and Saint Paul-area patients a full range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures as well as non-surgical treatments.

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Achieve the nose you have always wanted through rhinoplasty with one of our cosmetic surgeons at Omni Cosmetic. If you have never liked the appearance of your nose, you suffer from breathing difficulties due to internal nasal structural problems, or you have a misshapen nose caused by a facial injury, they will work with you to develop a treatment plan to achieve your desired results. With rhinoplasty, Minneapolis and Saint Paul patients can put their best face forward every day.


Breast Augmentation

Enhance your silhouette and achieve your ideal bust size when you choose breast augmentation at Omni Cosmetic in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. When you visit one of our highly-trained cosmetic surgeons for your initial consultation, they will spend significant time getting to know you and listen as you describe your ideal bust size and shape. They will then work with you to develop a fully customized treatment plan to help you reach your body image goals.


Tummy Tuck

While body contouring can occur on many different areas of the body, a tummy tuck is the perfect procedure for those interested in achieving a slimmer, more contoured midsection. By removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal area and surgically repairing separated abdominal muscles, all while focused on patient safety and comfort, our board-certified cosmetic surgeons at Omni Cosmetic can help Minneapolis and Saint Paul-area patients finally achieve the flat stomach they have always wanted through a tummy tuck!

Revealing Individual Beauty

Before & Afters Photos

Through plastic surgery and med spa treatment, we pursue beautiful and proportional outcomes that are in line with each patient’s aesthetic ideal. Procedures are individualized so that results reflect the patient’s personal vision. We provide a large collection of before and after photographs to support your planning process and to serve as a point of comparison. We do not retouch photographs to ensure complete transparency. Come in for a visit and share with us how these images align with your treatment goals.

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BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, and Facial Rejuvenation

Omni Cosmetic provides patients in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area with non-invasive treatment options for a more youthful appearance. These include BOTOX® Cosmetic, the first and most popular FDA-approved product for addressing moderate-to-severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. We also offer treatment with JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers to add natural-looking fullness to the cheeks, lips, and mid-face. Patients can see benefits for months, should require no significant downtime, and should see fast and noticeable improvement.


Skin Care

Reduce signs of aging and repair cosmetic skin damage. Our practice combines advanced technology with pharmaceutical-grade skin products to provide you with a strategic and effective approach to care. Treatments include laser skin applications, microneedling, medical peels, and premium skin care serums. Omni Cosmetic staff members each have over 10 years of experience, are licensed as advanced practice aestheticians (APA), and have completed the 600 hours of training required by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology.


Intimate Health and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women who experience stress-related urinary incontinence, pain during sex as a result of dryness, or problems with sensitivity, vaginal laxity, or arousal may benefit from vaginal rejuvenation. Omni Cosmetic combines the O-Shot® and diVa® laser technology for a non-invasive approach to treatment. Our practice also performs BioTE® hormone replacement therapy, a pellet-based method that allows for fewer yearly treatments and more consistent levels. Treatment can help both women and men who want more energy, better focus, higher libido, and increased muscle mass.

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“I felt unbelievably supported throughout the entire process…because of this, I felt very prepared for the recovery and felt very confident in making such a big decision. The results were fantastic and I would never think about going anywhere else.

Omni Cosmetic is dedicated to providing a range of high-quality plastic surgery procedures and med spa treatments so that patients can get the personalized care they need. Learn about the experiences that others in Minneapolis and Saint Paul have had with our practice.

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