BOTOX, the deal-e-o!

August 4, 2011

What IS it, anyway? BOTOX is a protein called:  Onabotulinumtoxin A.  It has been studied for several decades to treat areas that have severe spastic muscles (i.e., the neck and around the eyes).  BOTOX for cosmetic application/s has been approved since 2002 to treat the “11’s” that appear between the eyebrows.   I love the affect of Botox in this region!  Store clerks have stopped asking me if I am looking for something, or if I am alright!!!

One of the great benefits of BOTOX is that by relaxing the muscle’s movement, the skin has time tor repair itself to help soften the appearance of the lines at rest.  My “11’s” are softer and my skin does look fresher!

How long does it last? 3-4 months.*  A lot of patients tell me that they know their Botox is wearing off when they start to feel tension in their forehead.  Its important to come back at that time to re-relax the muscles so the deep creases don’t set in again.  Otherwise, you start from zero all over again.

Is it SAFE? Yes!!!!!  BOTOX is extremely safe – when used appropriately! It is a medical procedure that should be treated as one!!!   It should be done by trained professionals that know how to handle the product, the anatomy and function of the facial muscles and the dosing to acquire the desired effect.  Yes – there are potential side-effects of the product, but, we work to minimize them as much as possible!  Ask you health care provider a lot of questions and be informed!!!!

Frozen Face, Really? Most of us DO NOT want this effect!  Botox does inhibit the movement of the muscle, however, it is dose dependent.   If you want suppression, but still have expression that can be attained!  You face doesn’t have to be frozen , unless you want it that way.   If you want a more we can always add more, but we cannot provide less after you’ve been treated with Botox.  So I like to start on the lighter side and move up, if you you want more effect!

So, to close, a little story:  I was talking to a friend about her experience with Botox.  She said,  “I once said, the day I put botulism in my face, is the day I know I’m crazy!”   “But now that I have done it, I love being toxic!” I asked her why she liked Botox and she said , she likes that her face feels more toned and it smoothed out  her wrinkles. “I love looking more like how I feel!

*Individual patient results may vary