5 Ways to Know If I Need a Breast Lift with My Augmentation

April 8, 2022

Often, a breast augmentation alone does not entirely address sagging breasts, which is why several women consider adding in a breast lift procedure at the same time. If you are wondering whether or not you should receive a breast lift with your breast augmentation, read about eight ways to know if breast augmentation with lift is the correct procedure for you.

The Breast Lift Procedure

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to restore breasts to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This may include lifting the breasts, improving their shape and firmness, or adjusting the proportions for a more symmetrical look.

The procedure most often involves removing excess or stretched skin and reshaping the natural breast tissue to fit the patient’s cosmetic goals. Additionally, a breast lift may also raise the areolas and nipples, making the breasts look youthful and full.

How to Know If You Need a Breast Lift

1. You have sagging skin on your breasts.

This is one of the most common reasons women receive a breast lift. No doubt, sagging skin on and around the breasts can impact a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. With a breast lift – in addition to your breast augmentation – you can eliminate that extra skin and unnecessary breast tissue to reshape the breasts in a more attractive and uplifting way.

2. Your nipple position is not ideal.

If you are not happy with the position of your nipples, adding a breast lift to your breast augmentation can help address this issue.

For instance, if your nipples point downwards or they fall below the natural breast crease, an experienced plastic surgeon can reposition your areolas and nipples to a more appropriate position.

3. You have lost a significant amount of weight.

Following significant weight loss, you may be left with a substantial amount of extra skin – including the skin around the breasts. Your plastic surgeon will remove this excess skin during a breast lift to reveal your once-full and lifted breasts.

Additionally, losing a considerable amount of weight can leave the breasts looking deflated. A breast lift may help restore lost volume to ensure you feel as confident and attractive as possible after slimming down.

4. Your breasts are not as firm as they used to be.

Due to several factors, such as breastfeeding, your breasts may lose their natural firmness over time. If you are a bit older, you likely already know that the combination of aging and gravity can cause various parts of your body to sag, including the breasts (and maybe even the nipples). Fortunately, a breast lift can help restore the firmness you once had and loved.

5. You have lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

While bringing another life into the world is a life-changing experience, pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a significant toll on the breasts and body.

The weight fluctuations that occur before, during, and after pregnancy and the breastfeeding that follows can significantly impact breast volume, firmness, and shape.

When combined with a breast augmentation, a breast lift can help tighten the skin surrounding the breasts and muscles of the chest for a more youthful lift and delicate contour.

Combine a Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation for Beautiful Results

During a breast augmentation, a plastic surgeon does not typically address excess skin surrounding the breasts. This procedure, which is more commonly known as a breast enlargement or “boob job,” is primarily used to add volume, expand breast bust size, or enhance the contour and symmetry of breasts through breast implants or a fat transfer.

On the other hand, a breast lift does not add volume. Instead, it elevates the breast by removing excess breast tissue and skin, tightening the muscles that lift the breasts, and contouring the breasts to restore a more youthful appearance that looks and feels natural.

By combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation, you have the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits both these procedures deliver. This includes increased breast size, added volume and lift, youthful contour, ideal nipple position, and better breast symmetry.

Furthermore, combining these two procedures can save you both money and time spent in recovery. Our doctors find this is one of the top reasons patients combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift.

Schedule a Breast Surgery Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon

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