10 Questions You ABSOLUTELY Must Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Considering a Rhinoplasty

October 8, 2020

Close Up of Female Face With Large NoseYour nose is the foremost feature of your face – front and center. If you are unhappy with the symmetry or look of your nose, a rhinoplasty is a wonderful way to bring balance to your features and restore your confidence in how you look.

When considering rhinoplasty, many patients experience some nervousness. These feelings are absolutely normal! Any surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience, even more so when it is happening right in the middle of your face. It is essential that you meet with a doctor and get all the facts before moving forward.

10 Questions to Ask Before A Rhinoplasty

1. Is my surgeon board-certified?

No matter what procedure you are undergoing, you want a team who are experts in their field. You will need to find out from your doctor exactly what qualifications they have that make them the best option for you. Are they certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery? What about the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery? Do they have experience in performing rhinoplasties at their practice? Finding a seasoned surgeon who knows their way around a nose is a great start to your rhinoplasty journey.

2. Can I see photos of previous patients’ work?

Similar to any other plastic surgery, you will want to look at procedures the doctor has performed in the past. Looking at a before and after gallery can be a great way to get an idea of the doctor’s style and technique. You will also be able to see if any previous patients’ had a “before” photo similar to your situation, so you can understand the scope of work your surgeon can accomplish for you.

3. Am I a good candidate for a rhinoplasty?

While there are few restrictions on who is or is not a good candidate for rhinoplasty, this conversation is a great one to have with your surgeon. Your situation is unique – your doctor will personally analyze your medical history, anatomy, and the desired goals (both functional and aesthetic) to determine what path is right for you. In some cases, your doctor may even recommend a non-surgical route, such as fillers, to correct and balance your nose.

4. Do you use a closed or open approach?

Two different surgical techniques can be used for rhinoplasty procedures. Many doctors practice both and determine which approach is right for you, following a thorough analysis of your facial framework. The type and extent of reshaping you are hoping to achieve can also influence which method is used. Your doctor will be able to guide you regarding the pros and cons of each approach for your desired outcome, as well as how aftercare differs.

5. What is the revision rate for your rhinoplasty patients?

The revision rate refers to the rate of patients who need a second surgery to correct or refine the first procedure. While the national revision rate is moderate, our revision rate is less than 5%. Most of the cosmetic revisions are for minor contour corrections. Sometimes a cosmetic rhinoplasty can uncover an underlying functional breathing problem and a revision to further improve breathing can also occur. While uncommon, these kinds of secondary surgeries are often covered by insurance to improve breathing.

6. What are my options if I want a revision?

While your chances of needing a revision are low with a seasoned plastic surgeon, there is always a possibility you may be displeased with your new nose and require a revision. It is important to understand the policies on revision that your doctor has.

7. What will my recovery period look like?

Each patient will have a unique healing process. While recovery typically takes six weeks, some patients may see swelling for months following the procedure. Depending on the scope and degree of work done during your rhinoplasty, you may experience varying healing times. Your doctor will help guide you on the norms for recovery, as well as ways to expedite your healing.

8. What can I do to ensure the best outcome of my rhinoplasty?

While your doctor will do their duty to keep you safe, healthy, and informed, you equally must follow their direction on care before and after your procedure. Following these instructions can determine how long your recovery takes and how well your body heals. While you may want to get back to normal as soon as possible, it is crucial that you follow all aftercare instructions to minimize complications and risks.

9. Do you use simulation software so I can see how changes to my nose may look?

Some doctors use simulation software to show you different techniques and changes that can be made to your nose. This can help show you what options and outcomes may be available to you for your rhinoplasty. Perhaps the nose you imagined all along does not look as perfect as you had hoped – this is a great chance to tweak the possibilities and find out what the doctor can do to help you achieve the balance and symmetry you desire.

10. Are my aesthetic goals realistic?

This is a tough one. While you may have the perfect concept of how you want your new nose to look, that idea may not always be achievable via surgery. For example, the anatomy of your nose may prevent certain reshaping or restructuring. Your doctor’s job is to work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that not only best fits your needs health-wise and functionally, but also gets you as close as possible to the nose that you want. Managing your own expectations is a vital part of this.

Remember, any plastic surgeon worth your time will know the answers to all these questions and more. Finding a knowledgeable and skilled doctor is essential when it comes to such a delicate and personal procedure.

Our expertly trained doctors and staff at Omni Cosmetic know the value of your time. Our pledge to our patients is to listen, support, and provide guidance while also giving you the confidence you deserve. Are you interested in a rhinoplasty procedure?

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